The Initiative - FarmerStory

FarmerStory is an initiative to help Families & Institutions make SUSTAINABLE BUYING CHOICES.

Over the years, as a society we have gravitated more towards “Industry-made” products and lost most of our connect with the eco-system that for Generations provided for “Socially & Environmentally Conscious” Products.

At FarmerStory, our efforts are to bring back the focus on Sustainable Living, Supporting the Natural eco-system & Instilling right buying practices back in the Society

How do we intend to do that.?

On one side, We work with Farmer Groups, Artisans, Tribals, Self Help Groups (SHG's), Passionately run small enterprises & Communities from across India & provide them with Fair & Transparent Market access. Our work also supports them with regular source of income. 

......And on the other, We work with Social Institutions like - Corporate, Schools, Hotels, Societies, Collages, etc and engage with them on Sustainable Monthly supplies, Employee Awareness initiatives, Monthly Markets in their premises, Educational engagements with Schools, Urban-Rural Knowledge sharing, etc.

We believe the current eco-system of hyper-consumerism & the practice of buying industry-made food products or non-degradable daily use products or environmentally polluting ripe for disruption

Our pledge is to create a Supporting & Self-Sustaining Eco-system for Communities and connect their Unique Art to larger markets in a Fair & Transparent manner.