Healthy Premium Mini Basket
Healthy Premium Mini Basket

Healthy Premium Mini Basket

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A Healthy Premium Mini Basket consists of Farm Fresh products like - Colostrum Powder, Chyawanprash & Desi Gir Cow Ghee which are packed in oval shaped beautifully hand-made bamboo baskets.

  1. Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by all mammals during the first 24-48 hours after giving birth. In order to maintain a healthy immune system, your body needs immune-building antibodies, known as Immunoglobulins (IgG). Bovine colostrum is produced by a female cow, and is the best known source of IgG. Colostrum is high in protein and antibodies, and has no known side effects.Provides Powerful Immune Factors, Stimulates Immune Activity. Helps Maintain an Un-inflammed GI Tract. Amorearth Colostrum provides extra support when your body is under environmental or physical stress. Amorearth Colostrum is made from Gir cow (A2) Colostrum one of the very few producers of this in India. Colostrum  - Helps In IBS, Leaky Gut issues, Colitis and has no know medical side effects.
  2. Chyawanprash - is a commonly used herbal tonic in India, for general health wellness prepared using an ancient Ayurvedic formula. This Ayurvedic preparation uses herbs that are considered to contain potent, immunity-boosting, and energizing qualities. Chyawanprash is believed to both promote longevity and act as an anti-ageing tonic.
    It has
  • NO Preservative.
  • NO Binders.
  • NO Fillers.
  • Contains Amorearth A2 Gir cow cultured ghee.
  • Contains Amorearth Organic Jaggery.
  • Contains Handpicked Farms Fresh Gooseberry.
  • Contains 30 wild herbs retrieved from the foothills of Sahyadri mountains.
  • Is Made on a wood fire & artisanally hand made.
  • Pure Desi Gir Cow Ghee made from A2 milk from our own Gir cows which are free grazed on the Ecocert certified organic farm, the cows bask in the sunshine while free grazing and exercise for 5 hrs, after the calf has had her/his due the milk is removed by hand then boiled over fire wood then inoculated with curds to make whole curds, the curds is then churned to get butter which is melted on fire wood in a 60 year old brass container to give you pure desi cow ghee , this is the only ghee which melts below human body temperature, contains no harmful cholesterol and is one of the best known medicines as per Ayurveda science and know to cure many chronic diseases and improve immune and strength. Ayurvedic AMOREARTH ghee is made from fermented butter churned out of yogurt or curd/Cultured Ghee