Amaranth (Rajgira) Millet 500g
Amaranth (Rajgira) Millet 500g

Amaranth (Rajgira) Millet 500g

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Rajgira (Amaranth) is high in protein and has an abundance of nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Also, this is the only grain to have vitamin C.  It also has lysine, an amino acid, that helps to absorb calcium. Since it contains 2x more calcium than milk, it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

High on iron, this grain also has a positive impact on anaemic patients.  The vitamin A in it improves vision and prevents night blindness. Zinc, a mineral known to boost your immune system, is found in this grain, making it suitable for children and older individuals who may be more susceptible to allergies and infections.

Beneficial for Hair & Skin - With vital minerals and vitamins in place like iron, folate, selenium etc., this royal grain ensures that your skin and hair shine with good health. It can also help to prevent premature greying of hair as well as male pattern baldness. You can use the juice of its leaves or even the oil and apply it to your hair. Similarly, use the oil for your skin as a mild cleanser before taking a bath or moisturise your skin with it.

Of course, like all natural ingredients, this too will take time for the difference to show. But don’t give up, as the results will definitely wow you.  

Aids Weight Loss - This whole grain is full of fibre, ensuring that you stay satiated for a longer duration. It slows absorption of sugar and even aids digestion. Moreover, the amino acid – lysine also metabolises fatty acids. Gluten free is another added advantage of this ingredient, making it fit for consumption for almost everyone.