Sustainable Bamboo Toothpick- 100 Picks

Sustainable Bamboo Toothpick- 100 Picks

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Say Cheese!
We all love trees! 

Tonnes of forests turn into furnaces overnight as a result of deforestation. To take a step towards protecting this natural resource, we have found the perfect alternative for the traditional tree based paper towels; we found bamboo! This fast growing grass is sustainable, natural and biodegradable too!

Beco Bamboo Toothpicks protect the environment and your smile! With a smooth surface cover, these double sided toothpicks are splinter free and safe for the entire family. Naturally sturdy and durable, this product is made devoid of any kind of additives, preservatives or chemicals that are capable of causing an allergic reaction.

What’s more? They are stored in eco-friendly, plastic free paper boxes that are free from any chemical smell!